Inspection Addendum

reserves the right to an inspection

This form is part of the paperwork included in your purchase agreement and is supplied for you by your Realtor. A completed Inspection Addendum form is necessary before a Property Inspection can be conducted as part of commercial purchase.

The Inspection addendum is your way of asking the purchaser to allow you to have an Inspection of the property you are buying. The purchaser can refuse your request, and not allow you the right to have an Inspection of the property. In which case you would have to ask the question, what are they hiding?

The Inspection addendum must be filled in and submitted at the time you make your offer to the seller to purchase the property.

It is important to note that Inspections must be made by qualified contractors or Inspectors duly licensed and/ or certified, selected by the purchaser. During the Inspection period, the purchaser and their contractors are permitted access to the property at reasonable times. The purchaser is responsible for any damage to the property caused by their Inspectors or contractors.

The normal time allowed or negotiated (in the Dayton area) to have a property Inspection completed is ten days. We recommend that you ask for ten working days or longer to complete the Inspection particularly during the summer months when Inspectors tend to get booked up quickly.

The above information was taken from an overprint of the form used for this purpose approved by the Dayton Area Board of Realtors.